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support freedom, justice & equality for Palestinians

Human Rights…

For so long, those who back Israel’s policies have obscured this reality by dehumanizing Palestinians and complicating what’s simple at heart. But things are changing. People are recognizing reality and seeing their own values reflected in the Palestinian struggle for freedom.

Palestinians want what all people want: the freedom to take care of their families, pursue their dreams, and feel safe and secure in their homes and communities. It’s that simple.

Israel controls nearly every aspect of Palestinian life. Palestinians are denied the basic rights that Jewish Israelis enjoy, including being tried in a civil court not a military court, simply because they are a different religion. There’s a term for this separate and unequal legal structure – it’s called apartheid.

We in Nebraska, believe supporting freedom, justice and equality for all people, including Palestinians, is the right thing to do. Our US taxpayer dollars could be supporting US education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, and more. Instead we give Israel, a wealthy country, billions where they systematically and institutionally oppress the Palestinians.

We are not choosing between two people or countries, but choosing justice or injustice. Learn more and join us in our vision to see the indigenous Palestinians enjoying freedoms in their homeland, freedoms we wish for all people. It’s that simple.